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My name is Tien, I'm a native of Vietnam, and I currently live in Ho Chi Minh City. I graduated from the university of social and humanities four years ago. I've been writing since my teenage years. I'm an avid reader of blogs, websites, and books that focus on writing. I love to write and share my thoughts and ideas online. I'm a writer who loves words, and writing is my life. I have worked in the corporate world for three years but decided to pursue my passion for creative writing. I've spent my career as a freelance copywriter for large corporations, start-ups, and independent agencies across various industries. I firmly believe in the power of writing and that it's a skill everyone can use. To me, writing is a tool that enables people to express themselves, connect with others, and learn new things. I'm interested in the intersection between technology and human behavior. How this can help businesses and consumers communicate more effectively and efficiently. My writing always comes from a place of authenticity, humor, and sincerity. I want to bring those same things to my work. I worked with many different writers and bloggers over the years. I have a knack for knowing how to help them improve their writing and increase their traffic and revenue. Therefore, I can help you grow your business online in many ways, from creating a killer headline and description that draws customers to your page to find a topic that matches your target audience to writing copy that makes them say "yes!" I've been working online since 2018 and still learn new things daily.